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The Mind Set Of Business

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The Mind Set Of Business Empty The Mind Set Of Business

Post by jugg2000 Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:22 pm

The most common thing I've notice about those folks starting for the
first time with Method 1 is that they seem to have this notion that
they can sustain a monthly income using Method 1 alone. To add to that,
I am also coming to realize that new folks start this business with a
desperate attitude thinking they are going to solve all their financial
problems with ease, utilizing minimum effort with great expectations of
getting "rich" quick. This thinking causes a lot of new people to
simply quit and disappear into infinity never to be heard from again.

Starting A Business:

First of all, Method 1 is "great" for chump change that is needed
immediately to put gas in the car or purchase a Nacho Supreme; however,
this is only great for folks who do not want to make $2000.00 a month.
Now, for those coming into this business with the intention of building
a legitimate home based operation have an astounding advantage over
those that simply have flowery expectations.

For those wanting to BUILD this business, Method 1 is only a stepping
stone for the greater Methods 2 & 3. Also, those wanting to BUILD
this business do not mix up their current personal financial woes with
the process needed to make freebie trading a success. A person with not
a cent to their name desperately trying to make a fast buck will
unquestionable run into massive disappointment and most likely will
quit either before or after the first trade. The fundamentals of
building any business are:

You have to be extremely patient and flexible: If you do not
have patience, you will most certainly fail... hands down, end of
story. Time, for some of us, is divided between making freebie trading
work, family, day jobs, etc. You have to figure out a way to make it
all click and that will require patience. Starting from Method 1, don't
expect to be rolling in the doe being that you are in the start up
phase of building your business, besides, the offers will soon run dry
anyway. Things are going to happen, whether good or bad... deal with it
and drive on knowing the potential of the business.

You have to separate personal woes from business: Being broke is
a good motivator but a sorry excuse to quit. Having little to no money
(due to personal circumstances) is the number one reason why people
turn to freebie trading. The today's best entrepreneurs started out
flat broke wearing flip-flops and rags. How did they become successful?
They didn't let their current situation fuel impatience and
indifference to what it takes to find opportunity and make it work for
them. Ok, so you don't make a killing on your first trade, you've gone
red, credits don't come through, and you're still broke... keep driving
on knowing that in due time the benefits will be reaped.

You must plan ahead: A common mistake amongst Method 1 users is
that as soon as they realize they've earned some cash, they want to go
and spend it... then turn around and complain that they are broke again
and profess that this business is a scam. Listen carefully, do not
spend your Method 1 earnings, period. You started broke so you
certainly will not miss the cash you never had in the first place, ya
dig? The approach should be to plan on using those Method 1 earnings to
pay referrals during the Method 2 & 3 avenues of income. At the
same time, set aside some of your own cash to add to the pot. Calculate
all the possible risks and factor those in on your expected revenue; if
you don't know all of the possible risks, ask someone who has more
experience than you.

You have to be consistent: Without consistency your profit
potential will only be of mediocre proportions. Some have the ability
to reach high plateaus faster than others, either way, consistency
brings forth the same results at the end. If you are up one day, and
down the next... expect your income to be the same, every time, all the
time. The worst possible thing to do is wait on a "big break" to
catapult you to instant success; you must work steady no matter what
obstacles arise.

You have to be able to handle failure and uncertainty: You may
find yourself in a position to where you are simply not generating any
or enough income... so what, keep working. Failing to make $1000.00 or
even $20.00 in a month for three months straight is no excuse to quit.
If quiting is healthy at all then Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Steve
Jobs wouldn't be here today. Quitting is never an option, period. The
fact is that you don't know what you're going to make; you don't know
if your refs will go red or simply not finish their offers; you don't
know if the info you're putting out will connect with your refs; you
just plain don't know what's going to happen. Bottomline is that you
need to be able to handle disappointment... it's going to come.

You have to build legitimate relationships: Referrals are
everything... even after they stop being referrals. You have to
continue relationships with whomever is willing because standing with
someone else is better than standing alone. Helping others and allowing
others to help you is key to the growth of your business. Good, solid
business relationships can spark ideas and open doors you would have
never thought of seeing. A piece of string is easily broken, but three
or more bound together cannot be torn apart. If one string is strong,
they all benefit from it's strength.

You have to examine yourself: If this is your 150th attempt to
make an online "scheme" work in your favor then there's a good chance
that you have a problem committing yourself to making something work;
further, you may need to just settle for being someone else's employee
for the rest of your life. If you can't save your money and you spend
every dime you touch... pack your bags because your business is not
going to last long; that's like putting yourself in a position to
constantly depend on uncertainty. You spend your cash hoping you can earn back what you've spent... like living pay check to pay check.

You have to train yourself to look beyond your own nose and open your business up to new avenues of approach. You have to build.


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